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Additional Resources

Supplementary Data Files

CAASPP Assignment of Designated Supports and Accommodations — These data files provide the number of accessibility supports by district and school levels.

CAASPP Data Summary and Cross-tabulations — These data files provide statewide CAASPP summary data for all students, specific student groups, and cross-tabulations by specific student groups.

CAAs 1 Percent Threshold Data — The survey results spreadsheets list the LEAs that have self-reported that they may exceed the 1 percent threshold before administering the alternate assessments. Caution should be used when interpreting these results.

Average Scale Score Changes by Grade — Theses files display the average change in Smarter Balanced for ELA and mathematics scale score points change for students, from one grade to the next.

CAASPP Scale Score Percentiles — These files contain the scale score percentiles for the Smarter Balanced – ELA and mathematics assessments, and the CAST.

Growth Scores — Information and resources related to the aggregate and student-level growth scores for ELA and mathematics.

Reports and Studies

CAASPP Technical Reports and Studies

Other Resources

DataQuest — A dynamic system that provides reports for accountability, test data, enrollment, graduates, dropouts, course enrollments, staffing, and data regarding English learners.

California School Dashboard — California’s new accountability and continuous improvement system provides information about how local educational agencies and schools are meeting the needs of California’s diverse student population.

CAASPP Test Results for California’s Assessments Change Log  (PDF) — A document explaining the changes year over year to the CAASPP Test Results for California’s Assessments application.

Assessment Results Quick Reference Guides

How to View Overall Test Results  (PDF)

How to Compare Test Results  (PDF)

How to View Change Over Time for Test Results  (PDF)

How to View Test Results for Student Groups  (PDF)

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